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HomelatestIs The End Of KCR And TRS Near?  

Is The End Of KCR And TRS Near?  

The End Of KCRAndTRS Near MPTC Elections In Karimnagar

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Here comes the speed breaker to the ruling TRS party and Chief Minister KCR in Telangana. The TRS party has lost in the MPTC elections in Karimnagar, the same district which breathed life into the Telangana movement. TRS has lost in the two MPTC elections. The ruling party failed to even secure 1/3 of the vote count. Congress and BJP termed their victory as the beginning of the end to KCR and TRS in Telangana.

The BJP candidate won in the Gangadhar MPTC seat, and Congress won in Asanapalli MPTC seat. What’s more shocking is, the Congress candidate, Manohar won with a great majority over his opponent from TRS.

The Karimnagar MPTC elections results proved the predictions of an easy win by TRS wrong. This is as an eye-opener to the TRS Government and CM KCR in Telangana. Many great heroes who were a part of the Telangana movement are from Karimnagar. The TRS government is facing severe criticism within the own party after an MLC and few groups raised their voice against the CM KCR itself.

Few surveys conducted by various media houses and political parties pointed the rise in an anti-TRS slogan in few regions of Telangana. With Congress recouping its strength, and BJP making swift moves, TRS needs to prepare for a combat battle in 2019 Telangana Assembly elections. 

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