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Savyasachi Means…! Why Chaitanya Chose it..!

Naga Chaitanya’s upcoming movie is Savyasachi. But, many minds are thinking about this name that what is the meaning of Savyasachi? What is this name…! “Savyasachi” has the dictionary meaning “ambidextrous” i.e. a person capable of performing a particular job equally by both the hands. As per mythology, this name is of Pandava King Arjuna. “Savyasachi” was the fifth name of Arjuna in Mahabharat because he was capable of working with a bow by both the hands. Now, it is okay…!



What is Vanishing Twin Syndrome?

But, there is also a scientific side. In the teaser, the word appears on the board i.e. Vanishing Twin Syndrome. What is this..? and What does it mean..? Here is an explanation for you… Vanishing twin syndrome or disappearing twin syndrome is a term used to describe the spontaneous loss, or miscarriage, of one developing baby early in multiple pregnancies.


An expectant mother might have an early ultrasound that detects two gestational sacs, yet later on, only one fetal heartbeat is detectable and the second sac has disappeared. Or one normally developing baby is present alongside a blighted ovum. Some texts use the term “vanishing twin” for any pregnancy in which one baby in multiple pregnancies is lost while the other survives, even if the twin has not technically vanished. However, the term is usually reserved for a twin that “vanishes” in the first trimester.


So, as per the science, in the movie, Naga Chaitanya may get some power from his disappeared twin brother. Moreover, he has his brother energy in the left hand. That’s why Chandu Mondeti picked up this name as the title. But, scientifically, the problems also occur to the surviving twin. Thus, Chandu Mondeti coming with a different new concept. So, the expectations are high now on it.


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