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Burning Issue: Scarcity Of Telugu Heroines:

Scarcity Of Telugu Heroines In Industry

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The moment Sri Reddy started her online war on the Industry regarding the mistreatment of Telugu and local actresses, entire media and Industry have been discussing this topic like anything. Movie analysts have got their own reasons for this dire state of Telugu actresses.

From many character artists who belong to Telugu lands to the likes of Madhavi Latha and Sri Reddy, all are complaining about the ill-treatment of Telugu actresses in the T-town. Industry people say that there is always chance to the talent and they are showing the examples of Laya and others. Gone are the days when Telugu actresses like Sridevi, Jayaprada who not only hailed Tollywood like Queens but also conquered Indian Film Industry. But now the position just got reversed. Movie lovers came up with two different reasons which contradict each other.

Maximum of the Industry observers say the two big families in the Industry Mega and Nandamuri changed the dynamics of Telugu Cinema. Heroes megastar Chiranjeevi and Nandamuri Balakrishna used to do mass entertainers in which they get the maximum screen presence. This culture still developed to a stage that now the so-called star heroes limit their actresses to songs and skin shows. So the mass heroes are responsible for this situation according to this section of analysts where they show examples of NTR, ANR who gave the huge weight of their actresses.

Another section blames it on the Telugu parents completely. According to them, even though some girls are showing interest in acting with a little bit of skin show, their parents are suffering to put their daughter in such situation. So the problem seemed to be complicated to get resolved. Hope more Telugu actresses get success in Industry in the near future.

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