Science behind tradition

Science behind tradition
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To greet joining both the hands, Applying kumkum on forehead and sindoor, wearing toe ring, wearing bangles have a scientific story. It is true that most of the traditional practices have a scientific story behind. Joining both hands is the way of greeting according to Hindu culture, but the reason behind this tradition is when you join your hands the tip of your fingers where the pressure points of eye ears and mind are present gets pressed and gives a sign of activation of organs which help remembering the person for a longer period.

The area between eyebrows is the place where the major never point is present and as it is believed red kumkum helps retaining energy and controls levels of concentration. Sindoor applied by married women is prepared using mercury which controls blood pressure and activated sexual drives

A particular nerve from the 2nd finger connects to uterus and passes to heart, wearing toe ring strengthens uterus and regularizes menstrual cycle. As the toe ring is made of silver it absorbs polar energy from earth and passes to the body. Wearing bangles doesn’t allow the electricity passing out through outer skin closing the way and reversing them back into the body.


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