Earthquake In Mexico City

September 19th Earthquake

September 19th Earthquake In Mexico City

September 19th is the very bad day for Mexicans. Right 32years back in 1985 September 19th earthquake has shaken Mexico. Again on the same day, Mexico faces the another earthquake.

The Recent earthquake recorded is 7.1 on rector scale. Due to this earthquake, some buildings were collapsed. Till now 150 people were dead. People stuck inside that building. The officers have already given a mock drill on earthquake and within some time the earthquake has occurred. In Kandenz area the five-floor building collapsed due to highest frequency. Gas pipes also destroyed. A school in Quiet Nawaka area was also completely collapsed. About 20lakhs people were living in blindness due to power interruption and telephone lines interruption. The people were full of fear and living on the road itself. Mexican roads were full of people. So it has become very tough to help people. In previous 32years

On the same day, a very big earthquake occurred and 10k people were dead. That sad moment was never forgettable by Mexican people. Recently before a week, a severe earthquake has shaken Mexico. Keeping in mind about an earthquake in 1985 completed 32yaers the government of Mexico has conducted a mock drill. With some time the earthquake buzzer was blown, but people thought it was a part of the mock drill. The reason for an increase in death rate is this also. American zoologists have said earthquake occurring region will be Atansiso in Puebla state. This state was about 120kms away from Mexico.


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