Sunday, December 4, 2022
HomelatestLamb Ad Implying Ganesha

Lamb Ad Implying Ganesha

Australian Lamb Ad

Australian Lamb AD, An Advertising Standards Bureau has expressed their objections to Hindus god Ganesha eating meat ad. An Australian company designed an advertisement lord Ganesh eating meat with Jesus, Buddha, and other gods. The ASB received over 200 complaints from various Hindu groups. And they allege that statement would hurt Hindu’s sentiments. The ASB concluded that any God sentiments may hurt. Praising the religious discrimination by showing that the gods of many religions were eating together. ASB said that Hindu’s are not against to eating meat. And they pray cow as a god. They also said that ad is related to meat, and they did not show Ganesh eating meat. ASB submitted the evidence in that advertisement the man who played the role of Ganesha is also a Hindu.

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