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Jagans Padayatra Highlights

Jagans Padayatra Highlights

The preparations are all set for YCP Chief Jagans Padayatra. The party believes that the court will release them to attend Padayatra. That’s why the party’s senior leader Bhimana Karunakara Reddy is organizing the padayatra. The YCP leaders got clarity about the starting and the ending destination of the padayatra. It is from YS favorite place Idupula Paya to Ichapuram. Moreover, Jagan is planning to cover as many as possible constituencies in this route. Jagan’s special focus was on the two constituencies on that route they are…

After the Nandyal and Kakinada election results, the Jagan and followers began operation 2019 elections. As part of this, TDP is going to have a special concentration on constituencies that are assets to Congress party. However, Jagan is planning to make padayatra in the communities that got victories more than 6 times by TDP. The route map has been drawn to meet the major issues in the constituencies and to reach as many people as possible. FInally, The second major factor is that the key constituencies of Congress party.

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