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Chandra Babu Focus On 2019 Elections

Chandrababu Trust Youngsters

Chandrababu is preparing for the 2019 elections with a hope given by Nadayala and Kakinada elections. So TDP chief Chandra Babu designing a different strategy for those elections. This time elections he is going to trust the youngsters. In 1983, when the party emergence many youngster and educators support the TDP party. The Congress leaders have grown up and become the icon leader. TDP party has 35 years old but still, the leaders are taking the lead in TDP. In this elections, Chandra babu makes a decision to encourage new politicians and senior leaders who have popularity in people. It is arguable that they ready to make a suitable team for son Lokesh. Chandrababu trust youngsters for 2019 elections.

In 2019 elections, 175 assembly seats for 80 new candidates. On the time of senior elections all became anti to them babu thought and he already told them that the seniors have a chance. He also suggested that your heirs should be prepared for the elections. As the children have a political future is ensured, so the leaders don’t have any objections. This is the first time that TDP has been giving chance to youngsters. That is why an expert committee is already working to evaluate the problems in the process. According to the Committee’s suggestions, TDP assigned youngsters in 2019 elections.

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