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HomelatestSexual Pervert Eyes On Mother, Daughter And Granddaughter

Sexual Pervert Eyes On Mother, Daughter And Granddaughter

Sexual Pervert Eyes On Family

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In recent times, the world has become nothing but a sick place. With perverts and pedophiles everywhere around, the sense of security, especially for a girl child is in quandary. Adding to this, individuals whose is in need of financial assistance are becoming the victims of perverts.

One such incident took place in Guntur. A man named Nageswar Rao has been assisting a family financially. Taking this as an advantage, he started to have an illicit affair with the women. Soon, he lured her daughter and started having sexual relations with the mother and daughter duo.

As times went by, things just got much worse. The grand-daughter of the woman, (daughter’s daughter) has visited their place. Sexual pervert Nageswar Rao even eyed on the girl, who is like his grand-daughter. When he started to make advancements, she retaliated and informed her mother and grandmother. She hardly received any help from them, given their state of hopelessness.

Soon, she ran away from the house and briefed about the whole thing to her friend. Along with her friend, the girl visited Piduguralla Police Station and filed a case against Nageswar Rao. The police immediate took Nageswar Rao under custody after a preliminary investigation.

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