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Sheena Bora Murder Case: Peter and Indrani involved in Rs. 775 Crores Hawala transfer

Sheena Bora Murder Case 

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Sheena Bora Murder case became a sensation after it was learned that her own mother Indrani and Step-father Peter Mukherjea plotted against Sheena and got her killed. The discovery came after Peter’s car driver was caught in an illegal arms case.

Post that, the Enforcement Directorate (ED) started investigating after the investigation agencies stated that ‘money’ could have been the motive for the killing. During the ED’s investigation, it was known that Peter Mukherjea was involved in money laundering.

The ED’ counsel Hiten Venegaokar filed an application in the special CBI Court. In the application, Hiten said that ‘Illicit funds (black money) belonging to Peter and his family have siphoned to unknown overseas destinations through Hawala. These funds were then routed back to India and UK through Mauritius based shell companies and investors. A sum of Rs. 775 crores have been siphoned in this manner’.

The special CBI court allowed Hiten to record the statement of Indrani Mukherjee over her role in the INX Media owned by Peter Mukherjea.

The ED officials also said, ‘Peter’s son Rabin is handling the funds. He secured those illicit funds by purchasing bonds in New Zealand. He has accounts in ANZ Bank and Royal Bank of Scotland’. 

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