Shivaji Raja fires on RGV

Shivaji fires RGV

Shivaji Fires RGV reacting to his comments

Everybody are waiting for Ram Gopal Varma to respond on the drugs issue. Finally this controversial director responds on the issue. Varma targets the drugs case dealer akun sabarwal and comments saying some controversial words about him. SIT team’s higher official chandravadhan later responds to varmas comments about the issue. Shivaji Fires RGV reacting to his comments.

Chandravadhan says everybody are equal to them, and their is no need for them to target only particular celebrities in the industry. Shiva raja also responds to varmas comments about the issue by saying, Varma should take care of his films and it’s promotions rather involving in such kind of sensible issues. He also says, Varma need not say to the officials what to do and what not to do and rather take care of his own deeds. lets wait and see how Varma responds to Shivaji raja’s subtle speech .

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