Saturday, November 27, 2021
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Exchange Check For Varma

Exchange check to Ram Gopal Varma

Exchange check to Ram Gopal Verma: The arguable director Ram Gopal Verma got troubles by his own hands. The exchange is thinking that SIT interrogation officer Akun Sabharwal did a personal comment and trying to divert the drugs case. So they threatened that they will not backstroke to keep the case on him. The exchange department is telling that everyone is punishable who doubt on the officer’s correct work.

The Cine celebrities are getting notice based on the Kelvin evidence. Even they are showing evidence and asking questions. Even with dislike, the truth is coming outside automatically. Tollywood is getting the tension of whoever is telling the truth. There are chances even other crime come out behalf of drugs case.

In this serious interrogation, the exchange is getting mad of Verma comment that targeting on Tollywood. If re questioned the exchange officers are telling that it’s all their hallucination about cinema passion. The SIT proof is that in every police station it is proved that cinema celebrities are having bad habits.

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