Shocking facts that prove Lord Krishna lived for 126 years on Earth!

Shocking facts that prove Lord Krishna

Shocking Facts That Prove Lord Krishna Lived For 126 Years On Earth

He is the Paramatma and the Almighty. He is fondly known as Gopala, Vasudeva or Sri Krishna. In Hindutva, Krishna is often considered as the complete manifestation of God who took the form of human flesh and blood. There are numerous astronomical and geographical references throughout Vedas and Puranas, which help in substantiating the fact that Krishna is indeed a factual living being, who wandered and graced this earth for over 120 years. His end marked the end of Dwapara Yuga and unleashed Kali Yuga.

The greatest epic and holy book in Hindutva, the Mahabharatha itself is a testimony to the existence of Lord Krishna, and everything narrated in it. As many as 150 celestial events that were mentioned during the Kurukshetra war, did match in the chronological order described in Mahabharatha when a series of simulation and astronomical analysis were carried. In the midst of research globally, few sections of Indian Science Community has made noble efforts to establish that, Lord Krishna was born on 21st July 3228, and breathe last on 18th February 3102 (Julian Calendar).

Many opinionate that it is impossible for any human being to live 120+ years.  But a team of doctors who were reportedly working on finding techniques to improve human life span concluded that human lifespan can be increased to 120 years, with utmost care, the healthy regime and practicing Kriya yoga. This report not only ends speculations about Krishna’s lifespan but also emphasizes on the fact that, many aspects of Mahabharata can be scientifically proven.   

After referring various articles, books and available material, an effort has been made to list the chronological timeline just before and after the Kurukshetra war. Following is the chronological timeline that has been compiled based on extensive research:

18th November 3153 BCE    – Pandavas leave Hastinapura to spend 13 years in exile.

31st August 3139 BCE           – Lunar Eclipse

14th September 3139 BCE    – Solar Eclipse

25th September 3139 BCE    – Lord Krishna leaves to ‘Upaplavya Nagara’ on a peace-mission

28th September 3139 BCE    – Krishna reaches Hastinapura

03rd October 3139 BCE        – Balaram Leaves 

07th October   3139 BCE       – Krishna rides with Karna

13th October 3139 BCE         –Kurukshetra War begins

27thOctober 3139 BCE          – Marks the 14th day of the war. Continues into the wee hours

14thNovember 3139 BCE     – Balarama Returns

19thDecember 3139 BCE      – Winter Solstice Occurs (on Magha Shukla Saptami)

20thDecember 3139 BCE      – Bhishma’s demise (Magha Ashtami) 68th Day after the war began.

21st January 3102 BCE         – Curse from Gandhari and sages wiped Yadav clan completely.

23rd January 3102 BCE         – Krishna leaves his bodily form, after bowing to karma.

3000 BCE                               – Vedavyasa composes Vedas

1900 BCE                               – River Sarasvati dries up / disappeared.

*The above timeline follows proleptic Georgian Calendar. Any reference to Krishna’s path to abode on 18th February 3102is in reference to proleptic Julian calendar.

At the time of Kurukshetra war, Lord Krishna was 89 years old and Arjuna was 88 years. Both Krishna and Arjuna were born in the same year, Vishwavasu.

Tablet-like archaeological material found near the Mohenjo-Daro sites were dated back to 2600 BCE. These table-like findings had descriptions about an iconic figure resembling Lord Krishna. And other archaeological material found at the sites clearly supported that Krishna and the whole Mahabharata was factual. Likewise, the Greek records also make a note of Heracles (Krishna) who lived 138 generations before Alexander and Sandrocottas. Recorded history shows that Alexander and Sandrocottas (Chandragupta Maurya)lived around the 330 BCE. Taking 20 years as a median for each generation, Heracles is known to be existing around the 3090 BCE, an era which also coincides with the existence of Lord Krishna.

Post the Kurukshetra war, Lord Krishna paid a visit to Gandhari and Dhritarashtra. On seeing Lord Krishna, Gandhari who is already filled with immense grief and sorrow held Krishna responsible for the Kurukshetra war. ‘You were the Almighty, and you knew what was going to happen. Yet you made no efforts to stop it. I and my husband prayed for you, as Vishnu. If my devotion towards is true, you and your entire Yadav clan would be wiped away from the face of this earth and Dwaraka would be submerged in 36 years. You would pay for your deeds,’ cursed Gandhari. The Paramatma, looked at her smiled, only to draw more fear and anguish from Gandhari.

He went on to say, ‘There is no fault of mine in this. I did advise your sons’ not to invite war. I am everything: I am the Universe, I am the void, and I am the light and darkness. No karma can ever attach to me. But, to make your devotion true, which is, I shall take the Karma, I shall bear everything that has happened in front of me. You made my life easier, by cursing that entire Yadav clan would be wiped.’

Later, Lord Krishna left to the beautiful island of Dwaraka and ruled it for many years. With Rukmini, the goddess of wealth and wife of Krishna in Dwaraka, all the people in Dwaraka enjoyed a luxurious life. With time, the morals, goodness, and wiseness were disappearing. This can be marked as the ‘beginning’ of Kali-Yuga. With the 36th year after Kurukshetra war looming, events that were unheard and unseen took place.

Samba, son of Krishna and Jambavati became pregnant after a group of sages cursed him for his mischievous acts. He delivered a mace, which later played a major part in wiping out Yadav Clan. To add this, Krishna’s Sudarshan Chakra, the Panchajanya Shanka, and Balarama’s plough suddenly disappeared, as if into thin air.The kingdom of Dwaraka has seen infectious diseases being spread, and people committing sinful acts. Knowing all this, Krishna smile and asked Arjuna to take care of Dwaraka, and left in search of his brother Balarama. As Lord Krishna, left Dwaraka, a gigantic wave gulped the whole city into the ocean’s womb.

By the time, Krishna reached Balarama, the latter’s breathing has stopped and a thousand head serpent evolved from the air, and paid salutations to Krishna and left. It is believed that Adiseshu is none other than Balarama. To overcome by grief, after the loss of his brother, Krishna rested against a tree. The moving foot of Krishna from the bushes caught the attention of hunter who was passing by. The hunter assumed it as a deer and shot with a poison-tipped arrow. The arrow was crafted from a small piece of mace, which had its origin from Samba. The same mace was responsible for wiping out the entire Yadav Clan.

Realizing his mistake, the hunter, (who was Vaali in Treta Yuga), pleaded for forgiveness and refused to leave Krishna. But Krishna stated that it is just Karma siddhantha that prevailed, and his death was rightly deserved. ‘I killed you from behind in Treta Yuga as Rama,’ said Krishna to the hunter. Later, Krishna left his bodily form and left to the abode, where Adiseshu was already waiting for him.

This marked the end of Lord Krishna who wandered the same earth on which were are living today. He lived between 3228 BCE and 3102 BCE for about 126 years.



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