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Akkineni hero as Sailaja Reddy Alludu

Ramya Krishna as Saijala Reddy

Recently marrying Samantha, Naga chaitanya became son in law of a home. Now he is to be son in law of Sailaja Reddy. Do not panic folks..it is a part of Naga Chaitanya’s upcoming film. Naga Chaitanya’s upcoming Movie in Sitara entertainments is titled as Saijala Reddy alludu. In Tollywood there are many movies about son in law changing their proud mother in law with their schemes. From the movie Gundamma Katha till date all the movies with this theme are super hit. In the recent times there are no such films, because of lack of such talented persons fitting the role of mother in law. After the film Bahubhali, Maruthi has decided to give the role to Ramya Krishna. Ramya Krishna as Saijala Reddy in the film is exciting.

Though Ramya Krishna is previously seen in the film Na Alludu in this role, the film didn’t work out well. Hence no one offered with the role again to Ramya Krishna. Now, Ramya Krishna gave a nod to act in Maruthi film with Naga chaitanya. It is very common to see the caste in the titles. But, it is very rare seeing Reddy in the title. Previously there are very few films like Narasimha Reddy and few more with this name. Now after the film Arjun Reddy it became a Craze adding this to the title. Hence even Sailaja Reddy alludu seems interesting.

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