Shocking News About Shraddha Kapoor Role In Sahoo

Shraddha Kapoor double role in Sahoo

Shraddha Kapoor double role in Sahoo

After the tollywood epic movie Bahubhali, Prabhas is up with his latest movie Sahoo. Everyone is eagerly waiting to watch the film on big screen. By Finalizing bollywood actress Shraddha Kapoor as female lead of Sahoo, the expectations has rose high. The actress receives high remuneration for this film. As per the latest reports Shraddha Kapoor double role in Sahoo is the latest news. It is very rare to see actresses in double role in tollywood films.

This might be the reason for paying a huge remuneration to Shraddha Kapoor for the movie Sahoo as she is doing a doublr role in the film. It is sure, Prabhas will back another box office success with the movie Sahoo. The movie is up with a huge budget of 150crores. Furthermore, It is known that the heroine role is very much important in the film. The news is going viral in social media. But, yet there is no clear information about the news. Everyone is eagerly waiting to know, what type character Shraddha Kapoor is to handle in the movie. Lets wait for more updates of the movie.

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