Singapore Citizen can travel to 159 Countries without Visa!


Singapore Citizen can travel to 159 Countries without Visa!

Doesn’t it feel great to just board a plane and go to the destination of your choice? No visas! No applications! Nothing. Get a visa-on-arrival. That’s what a Singapore citizen can experience. May not be to every place on earth, but a Singapore citizen with a valid passport can travel to as many as 159 countries without having a visa.

Previously it was Germany that held the record for issuing the ‘most powerful passport’, on the grounds of visa-free/visa-on-arrival travel. A German citizen can travel to 158 countries without acquiring a visa at home. With Paraguay lifting away restrictions to Singaporean citizens, Singapore topped the list with ‘visa-free/visa-on-arrival’ travel to 159 countries. Sweden and South Korea shared the third position. Passports issued by Canada, Malaysia, and the USA are placed at the sixth position.

singapore citizen can travel to 159 countries without visa!With visa-free travel to 51 countries, India has ranked at 75th place, while Afghanistan was placed at the bottom, with a visa-free to 22 countries. Interestingly, after Donald Trump became the US President, Central African Republic (CAR) and Turkey has revoked the visa-free entry for US Passport holders. This unique index system was developed by Arton Capital, a Canada-based global consultancy firm.

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