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HomelatestNoise-Cancelling fork wins ‘Dumbest Gadget of 2017’ award!

Noise-Cancelling fork wins ‘Dumbest Gadget of 2017’ award!

Noise-Cancelling fork wins ‘Dumbest Gadget of 2017’ award!

Japanese instant noodles maker Nissin has come out with rather an interesting limited edition high-tech gadget. Being coined as ‘Noise-Cancelling’ (NC) Fork, the reported gadget comprises numerous sensors that help others more, than you. The NC Fork’s sensors get activated when you start making the ‘slurp’ sound while gulping the noodles. Instantly, the high-tech fork sends a signal to your smartphone, which then plays some sort of music/white noise/sound in order to cover-up for your ‘slurp’ sounds.

Nissin did make a butt of jokes on how ‘slurp’ is being perceived. The company states that ‘slurpers can enjoy their noodles without any worry of being noticed. While the people who can’t stand the slurping sound can now stay calm, peace everywhere’. A clip from the video shows that the ‘slurp’ sound is more like a flush of a high-end toilet.

With Nissin already stating it would come up with a limited edition of 5,000 of these high-tech Noise-Cancellation Forks, it’s now up to the common folks to shell out $130 for this gadget in order to keep someone at peace. Meanwhile, The Next Web has termed Noise- Cancellation as ‘the dumbest gadget of 2017’. We knew Japanese are really techy, but never knew they strive so hard to keep someone at peace.

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