Thursday, December 8, 2022
HomelatestJagan’s Attack Proves Shivaji’s Operation Garuda?

Jagan’s Attack Proves Shivaji’s Operation Garuda?

Some time ago, Actor turned Politician Shivaji made news with his Operation Garuda concept. When it went viral, some wondered hearing Sivaji’s explanations whereas some ridiculed the host’s cooked up story. However, today’s attack on Jagan is well predicted in Shivaji’s Operation Garuda way back.

Among many interesting points Shivaji explainedAmong many interesting points Shivaji explained, one point he mentioned is that the Opposition Leader would face an attempted assassination plan. This critic of CBN further declared that post the attempt, AP would face many rallies and bands by the YSRCP activists for many days. If we look at the reality, Jagan did face an attack and it is well connected to this Operation Garuda. However, in this case, the attack is done by a loyal follower of Jagan so the ruckus is quite less across the State. It might be just a coincidence or really a part of this Operation, Sivaji’s name is now doing rounds with this incident.

This entire speculation or real plan of Operation Garuda is carried out by BJP bigwigs like Modi and Amit Shah to demolish all the anti-BJP parties in AP. This operation is a part of Operation Dravida by the Saffron party according to Sivaji. If one more incident matches with this plan, then Sivaji would be the most famous Political activist in the entire Indian Media.

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