Sivaji Foretold The Upcoming Events Of AP Politics


The Operation Garuda fame Sivaji has flown to the US on a special trip of his and from there, he is updating more information of this infamously alleged plan of BJP to conquer AP. This actor turned Politician who foretold the mild attack on AP Opposition leader as a plan of Operation Garuda is in every day’s news as his claims are proved to be true.

political aspirant declared that the parties bjp

Sivaji in his recent media interaction stated that he too did laugh off when he first time heard of this plan from one of his good friends. He then came to believe only after knowing some strong facts regarding this plan. Since then, Sivaji stated that he wanted to save the State by doing the job of Whistleblower in order to alert AP People and its Politicians.

sivaji in his recent media interaction

Not stopping there, this future Political aspirant declared that the parties BJP, YSRCP, and Janasena will form an alliance in AP Politics and at the Centre against TDP. Sivaji went on saying that he will also become the TTD Chairman in the upcoming days by joining TDP party. His claims might have some reasons but some leading analysts say that he is using this plan for his personal motives. Already the media is making him popular by interviewing him every day. He is just a ticket away from any party to enter the active Politics.


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