Pawan Kalyan’s Meet With JDS Chief For A Special Purpose?

Pawan Kalyan’s Meet With JDS Chief For A Special Purpose

Janasena Chief Pawan Kalyan is moving the pawns in the Political field to gain the attention in National level. His yesterday’s meeting with the Karnataka CM Kumaraswamy is decoded by the Political analysts. Pawan Kalyan has been continuously blamed as a supporter of BJP along with YSRCP. His rivals often say that BJP is directing Pawan as its weapon in AP to terminate as many votes in TDP’s vote bank.

Pawan met Kumaraswamy exactly

To strengthen these rumours, Pawan met Kumaraswamy exactly on the same day of CBN’s meeting with Rahul Gandhi. Prior to his meeting, Pawan Kalyan took his Twitter and wished Karnataka on the occasion of its formation day. He is speculated to discussed possible means to dragging Kumaraswamy’s interests towards BJP. Some analysts opine that the difference of opinions between Dewa Gowda and Kumaraswamy is what BJP wanted to use to lure the latter towards it via Pawan Kalyan.

Chief maintains cordial relations

However, the Janasena Party sources declare that Pawan’s meeting with Kumaraswamy has nothing to do with BJP’s agenda as their Chief maintains cordial relations with the Gowda family in Karnataka. According to the Janasainikas, Pawan wanted to seek the support of Kumaraswamy for his National aspirations but nothing else.


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