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HomelatestSmelly Socks can land you in Jail!

Smelly Socks can land you in Jail!

Smelly Socks can land you in Jail!

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This is not a hilarious joke, but a true happening today at Himachal Pradesh. A bus passenger was arrested over smelly socks after other passengers got into an argument over the socks. The bus driver was forced to stop near a police station as things went out of control. But the man alleges that his socks did not stink.

It is funny, as I read the story myself, but the fact remains that people do end up behind bars for the most unexpected reasons but sometimes people do land in jail for the strangest complaints.

Recently, police in India are under scrutiny over law and order. Incidents like donkeys being kept behind bars for ruining plants among many have come across to our learning as the most mysterious.

Now a man in Himachal Pradesh was arrested as people were irritated over his smelly socks. Prakash Kumar, 27 was arrested from a bus on his way to Delhi when fellow passengers forced the bus to stop at a police station and shockingly lodged a complaint against the man.

They filed a complaint against him as a case of creating a nuisance. They complained that his socks smelled so bad that other passengers asked him to throw them out. But the man refused to shove, leading to a heated argument. While Prakash Kumar, brushed off saying the passengers made a mole out mount hill, and there was no reason to fight.

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