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HomelatestBaby found in woman’s stomach after 15 years

Baby found in woman’s stomach after 15 years

Baby found in woman’s stomach after 15 years

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Due to the pressure from the family, a woman is believed to have terminated her pregnancy and also the gynecologist who performed it, confirmed so. But neither the doctor nor the woman knew that the baby was still there as they did not conduct sonography on her.

We all know, in India, people terminate their pregnancies for various reasons, but the inappropriate application of complex medical procedures can lead to terrible consequences. There were reports in the past as well about cases of medical negligence leaving people in pain. Any abortion that goes wrong can be dismaying.

In such similar case, recently a case of a 52-year-old woman from the city Nagpur came into limelight. The lady has been suffering from piercing abdominal pain for the past 15 years, post her abortion. She was noticed to have been vomiting continuously for the last three years. She visited a specialist who was shaken to find the apparently aborted child stuck in her abdomen.

The specialist performed a surgery to remove a fully grown stone baby after a two-hour surgery. An intestinal obstruction in her food pipe and a stone-like object blocking it showed scan reports. Laparoscopy revealed a four-month-old dead baby in the abdomen.

Such cases are very rare as there have been only 300 such reports across the world in four centuries.

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