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Airtel vs Vodafone – The War of the Titans!

Airtel vs Vodafone – The War of the Titans!

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For a long time, large masses in India neglected ‘Airtel’ over other cellular network providers due to its premium pricing. Though ‘Airtel’ is undeniably the best when it comes to the coverage and service, the company has been often ignored for its pricing.

Things took a drastic change post the Jio-revolution. ‘Data’ has become the next big thing in the cellular market. Suddenly, the pricy ‘voice calls’ became free for an average monthly subscription of less than Rs. 200, and ‘Data War’ has begun. The data prices were slashed by 3 folds by the existing cellular network companies to compete with Jio.

Following this, Vodafone came up with its 199 plan, that offers unlimited STD & Local Calls and 1GB data per day. The plan became so popular that, many people opted number portability. Now, Airtel has also come out with a similar plan. It offers unlimited STD & Local Calls (250 minutes/day and 1000 minutes/week. 30 ps/min will be charged if the limit is reached) and 1GB 3G/4G data for 28 days for Rs. 198. Though the plan has not been officially announced, it has been available to select users.

With the venturing of Reliance Jio into the Indian Cellular Network market, the consumers are being the benefitted the most.

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