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HomelatestCar Falls-Off From An Unfinished Bridge – 3 Dead

Car Falls-Off From An Unfinished Bridge – 3 Dead

Car Falls-Off From An Unfinished Bridge – 3 Dead

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Car Falls-Off From An Unfinished Bridge – 3 Dead.A car fell from an unfinished bridge in Chennai on the Outer Ring Road, near Red Hills on Thursday night. Going by the reports, a family of 4 along with the car driver met with an accident on their return journey from Minjur. The car driver took the flyover instead of taking the service lane road. The car plunged from the unfinished bridge and fell into a pit.

The locals informed the police about the accident. ‘The SUV fell from a height of 30 feet. There were no barricades and signs that suggesting the bridge is unfinished,’ said a local.

Three people died in the accident. The deceased were identified as Pavithra (26), Palani (65) and his wife Navaneetham (55). The driver and Ayyapan, Pavithra’s husband survived the accident. Ayyapan is the husband of Pavithra. They got married 4 years ago.

During the police investigation, it was found that the car which was involved in the accident was trailed by another two cars of their family members. A relative said, ‘we tried to alert them about the unfinished bridge. But the damage has been done’.

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