So You Think You Are Clean?

So You Think You Are Clean
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Wake up all you hygiene freaks! Let me burst that bubble you’re living in; let me bring you down from your “oh-so-clean” sky to the grounds of reality. All your efforts towards maintaining a hygienic life are in vain for as long as you hold that inseparable part of you in your hand: Your smartphone. Yes, without any negative connotation or pun intended, it is your smartphone that has become a significant part of you, something that you probably can’t live without.So You Think You Are Clean

For the bunch of you who are obsessed being squeaky-clean, you pretty much maintain a personal hygiene regime; including body, oral, face, hands, hair, face, nails, and clothes hygiene. It might let you down if I were to say that all you have been doing until now was a waste of efforts. No matter how tidy you are, you surely don’t use gloves while handling your smartphone, do you?

Your smartphone is a hotbed of thriving germs. You keep it at any random place- be it your office desk or a restaurant table. It is your companion in the gym where you sweat away to glory and at the same time scrolling its screen with those sweaty hands. Of course, hitting the gym is incomplete without listening to your playlist. Same applies to the ones passionate about a morning-jog or dance masters. You touch a thousand of dingy objects starting from opening the car gate to gripping onto a pole or handle in a public transport. Let us also not forget about using that keyboard in your office or your personal laptop: Totally dusty! While contacting with these worldly objects, you surely call or text someone; could be your boss, friend, your beloved, or your mom. It’s not possible to clean your hands each time before you pick up that phone. So You Think You Are Clean

“But first, Lemme take a selfie!”
Did I not mention about the weekends’ parties? Sorry, my bad! Your mobile is going places with you. Remember how crazily you enjoyed the party? You shook hands, hugged and came across a number of instances where you put your phone on any random table or even the near the sink when you were busy putting on make-up. I wonder if I need to teach you how “clean” these places are at a restaurant bar. Talking about cleanliness, all of you girls out there, do you use “kara fresh wipes” on your phone as well? Constantly stuck to your face, ear or the palm, your mobile is surely not the one taking periodical baths. That pocket-friendly hand sanitizer in your bag, is it worth carrying as long as you’re getting back to your favorite companion?So You Think You Are Clean

Well just as yours, my smartphone is my best mate too; it has been there when they left: Trust me, each one of you will relate to this one. From the bathroom to bed, it is one thing that I keep close to my chest, ha-ha! No one gets off the toilet seat until they have explored entire Instagram or Snapchat, and rummaged through Whatsapp and Facebook. However, I woke up today to realize I should clean my phone with a sanitizer (I know it sounds funny). Although I am as mad about health and hygiene, styling and grooming as you, but this kept me thinking.

What do you think can solve this problem? Got any ideas to deal with it? Tell us all your secrets of how you manage to be unblemished and cent percent clean in your daily routine.


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