IYR uncertain about his future Politics

IYR uncertain about his future Politics

IYR Krishna Rao is one of the so-called Genius members of AP State. This former Chief Secretary is still in dilemma to join YSRCP or BJP. A closer look at this recent actions explains everything.

IYR being the CS of TDP Government is the first IAS Officer to oppose CBN and his ruling. He came out against CBN and started slamming his former Boss for his corrupt ruling. This made everyone to think that he might join YSRCP. To add more fuel to this flame, he used to share the posts of a Telugu daily which is said to be belonging to the YSRCP. Being the Chairman of AP Brahmin Welfare Corporation, he used to favor Brahmins belong to YSRCP party rather than the TDP supporters. The moment CBN fired IYR from the Chairman post, he started maintaining close relations with a Brahmin YSRCP leader Kona Raghupathi which also made analysts think that he is joining YSRCP.

In these days, IYR is constantly meeting the important leaders of RSS and VHP who are close associates to the Central Party BJP. Not stopping there, he backed BJP in No Confidence Motion and declared that Modi is the best ruler of India. Instead, he blamed CBN for accepting Special Package for Status in the past. According to IYR, Babu should have utilized the NCM debate for increasing funds stated in Package instead of a failed attempt to get the Status. This leaves the Political lovers in confusion regarding IYR’s future political journey. Some have hunches that he is likely to join BJP as it is a Central party and it backs Hindus especially Brahmins.


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