Is It BIGGBOSS New Plan…!

Is It BIGGBOSS New Plan...!

BIGGBOSS, it’s a GAME show… It plays with audience excitement and thoughts. This show is completely based on the curiosity levels of people. People want to know about the daily activities of filmy stars. And they audience are judges to judge the housemates’ destiny. On Monday they introduced a new woman into the house. She is Pooja Ramachandran who made her debut with Siddartha’s Love Failure movie and well-known with ‘Swamy Ra Ra’ movie in Bhanu role. She was Miss Kerala 2015 and she worked as RJ. Come to the point, There are maybe two wildcard entries for BiggBoss show. So, Nandini Rai has already entered the house as a wildcard entrant. Now, for another wildcard entrant voting is on the process to elect from eliminated candidates.

Then, Pooja Ramachandran entered the house as a housemate. As per the BiggBoss rules, she is not a contestant. She may just a guest for the show. Because, until now there was no contestant entry without host involvement. It has not happened in BiggBoss 1 also. With these spicy elements, BiggBoss 2 show going to bigger. In voting for second wildcard entrant, Syamala in leading with 42.84% votes followed by Tejaswi with 42.02% votes. There is a big vote war between Syamala and Tejaswi.

Here is an interesting topic is the contestants in the BiggBoss don’t know about elimination cancellation and wildcard entry voting. But we know that and again BiggBoss will be shocked the contestants. On Tuesday, episode revolved around phone calls. Kowshal, Samrat, and Roll Rida talked with their family. Unfortunately, Deepthi Sunaina missed her chance to talk with family. From the last week, the show goes in a very interesting and entertaining way. The film shooting, Pradeep’s entry, voting for eliminated candidates and now Pooja’s entry, all excite the audience. We will wait for the BiggBoss future plans…


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