Suriya’s Victory donated 1 Crore

Suriya's Victory donated 1 Crore


Suriya donated Rupees 1 crore 

This is all related to the film CHINABABU produced by Suriya and Miryala Ravinder reddy. As Suriya having the 2D entertainments as his own banner,the movie got more collections and the whole team celebrated the victory.And we know Suriya is having ‘AGARAM’ foundation.

The victory of CHINABABU has given a thought to Suriya that to help the farmers by donating the money to them. Suriya donated 1 crore for the welfare of Tamilnadu farmers association development.This 1 crore will be distributed to the selected farmers that who are the best.As per the news each farmer will get 2,in these days so many are grabbing the land from the farmers to build malls and factories etc., The idea of Suriya is very appreciated because the farmer is more honorable for his work and if we respect their work then the whole nation will be developed.

Really if every producer think like this and to help others then the development will be done among us.Not only the film industry but also every citizen of our country should think about it.If we share our happiness to others then the happiness of us will be increased.That is the real victory in our life.let us think a while about the needy as the farmers are committing suicides for the loss.And we have the responsibility to save our people.

‘CHINABABU’ is the movie in tamil and telugu  directed by PANDIRAJ.KARTHI and SAYESSHA are the main lead in this film.D.IMMAN done with the music.This movie was released and got the good collections that is produced by SURIYA. And KARTHI played the role of FARMER and has shown the responsibility and this movie is totally of rural backdrop.Director maintained the values of emotions in some scenes.the cinematography is nice done by VELRAJ and editing by RUBEN.Anyway this VICTORY donated 1 crore.




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