Sonu Sood Honors Thurum Khanlu Pre-release Event as Chief Guest


Sonu Sood Honors Thurum Khanlu Pre-release Event as Chief Guest:

The extravagant pre-release event of “Thurum Khanlu,” produced by the visionary Asif Jani and directed by the talented Shiva Kalyan, unfolded in all its grandeur at SVIT College in Secunderabad on the evening of August 31. Sonu Sood, the renowned Bollywood icon and the ‘Real Hero’ himself, graced the occasion as the chief guest, adding an undeniable touch of stardom to the event. Distinguished guests in attendance included individuals such as Amberpet Shankar, Chikoti Praveen, Chinna Srisailam Yadav, and many more.

“Thurum Khanlu” started its filmmaking journey as a modest village revenge comedy, deeply rooted in the captivating Mahbubnagar slang. After dedicated and tireless efforts, the film is now poised to take the global stage on September 8.

Producer Bekkam Venugopal, expressing his heartfelt thanks to Sonu Sood for his unwavering support, recognized the challenges of launching a short film in today’s competitive landscape. Director Shiva Kalyan received praise for crafting an engaging narrative despite being a newcomer. Venugopal commended Kalyan for successfully assembling a fresh ensemble and confidently predicted the film’s immense success.

The film’s lead actor, Sriram Nimmala, who has admired Sonu Sood since his school days, shared an emotional moment. He remembered a time when he was bedridden with a fever of 103 degrees, watching Sonu’s movie “Arundhathi.” Today, he stood beside his childhood hero, brimming with gratitude for Sonu’s presence as the chief guest of “Thurum Khanlu,” a film where Sriram plays the leading role.

Sonu Sood recognized as the “True Thurum Khan of India,” humbly acknowledged the significant roles played by his father, his friend Bablu, and the film’s director, Shiva Kalyan, in molding his life. He stressed that an ensemble of big-name stars wasn’t a requirement to evoke laughter and entertainment, firmly believing that “Thurum Khanlu” would captivate audiences for two and a half hours with its humor.

Director Shiva Kalyan revealed the film’s intriguing premise, which revolves around three characters named Vishnu, Ishwara, and Brahma in the picturesque village of Tupakulagudem, drawing inspiration from the formidable Puranas. Producer Asif Jani was lauded for his unwavering dedication, without which this celebratory week would not have been possible.

MD Asif Jani, the film’s producer, emphasized the importance of having the original Thurum Khan, Sonu Sood, endorse this cinematic gem. In a touching display of appreciation, he expressed his thanks to all those in attendance, with a particular acknowledgment of Sonu Sood.

Income Tax Commissioner Jeevan Lal from Telangana-Andhra Pradesh commended “Thurum Khanlu,” foreseeing that a single viewing would not be enough. He commended Director Shiva Kalyan for introducing a new dimension of humor, unlike anything seen before.

Sonu Sood, with his infectious charisma, offered his blessings to “Thurum Khanlu,” affirming its potential to become a 500-crore blockbuster. He expressed his deep affection for Telugu cinema and gratitude to the Telugu audience.

Sonu Sood Honors Thurum Khanlu Pre-release Event as Chief Guest
Sonu Sood Honors Thurum Khanlu Pre-release Event as Chief Guest

As per the “Real Hero” Sonu Sood, “Thurum Khanlu” marks the outset, with preparations underway for both Part 2 and Part 3. Don’t miss the opportunity to witness the magic of Telugu cinema, where love, discipline, and entertainment converge to create unforgettable moments.

As the film’s release date approaches, the other lead actors, Avinash and Aishwarya, extend their heartfelt thanks to everyone who contributed to this cinematic masterpiece.

Set a date on your calendar and get ready for an unparalleled cinematic journey as “Thurum Khanlu” graces the theaters on September 8.

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