SPYder Movie Telugu Bullet Review and Rating

spyder movie review

SPYder Movie Review and Rating

Actors: Mahesh Babu, Rakul Preet Singh, SJ Surya, Bharath
Producer: Madhu, Nallamalapu Bujji, Manjula
Direction: A R Murugadoss
Music Director: Harris Jayaraj
Editor: Srikar Prasad
Cinematography: Santosh Sivan

Superstar Mahesh Babu and director Murugadoss’s combo with a huge budget of 120 crores attracts the audience first. Murugadoss made a national level hits like Ghajini and now came by releasing the SPYder movie in Telugu and Tamil languages. However, Murugadas is been careful with the key points and leaks of the movie that raised the expectations to the audience on SPYder. Not only Mahesh Babu fans, the whole film industry is anxious to watch Mahesh and Murugadoss combination SPYder movie. Let’s see whether the movie is up to the expectations or not.


The story of SPYder is very simple to describe. A criminal creates massarce and his brother too follows the same route. Moreover, Their childhood is the main reason for their massarce. An intelligence officer intellectually to grab the criminals is the main aspect of the story. FInally, Mind game between the hero and the villain is the main aspect of the story.


Murugadoss is one of the director’s whose trying to take the Telugu film industry to next level. Murugadoss films contain a good message to society.he followed the same formula for the film spyder. His storyline contains social issues and a solution for that issues in the society. Mahesh is lucky to act with the director. However, Superstar fans have huge expectations for the film spyder.

Mahesh plays a role of ib officer who controls criminal operations in the city. With this storyline, one can understand how technology plays an important role in everybody life. However, the fight scenes, a conversation between the hero and villain, Lanco hills scenes all these are highlights for the film. Murugadoss is worth appreciation for this kind of storyline. The pre-climax and climax will be the highlights.

Mahesh is the key point in this movie. Mahesh seems very different in this movie, IB officer Shiva appears in the movie but not Mahesh Babu. Star heroes accepting this type of movies is rare but Mahesh has been working to break the trend for the first time. Spyder can be considered as the best effort by Mahesh for a new trend.

Surya, who played the villain role in the movie stood first in the competition that competes Mahesh’s performance. He just left a chance to direct a movie to Power star Pawan Kalyan and played the Bhairavudu character portray his interest towards the role. Even after the movie release also Suryas character and his action follow us. Bharath, Rakul, and Priyadarshi also performed their best to their characters.

The film is technically good that significates the four pillars to the movie. Santosh Shivan with his photography in SPYder movie, the audience was thrilled with the effects. Harris Jayaraj’s music, especially the background work, has raised the film level. Last but not the least Srikar Prasad edited and Peter Haynes fights the other two pillars for the movie SPYder.

Plus Points:

Mahesh, Surya and Bharath’s action
Murugadoss direction
Santosh SHivan Photography
Harris Jayaraj Music
Srikar Prasad editing
Peter Haynes fights

Minus Points:

Tamil fragrance in some scenes
Bharath character flashback length

Telugu Bullet Punch Line: Screen play based movie SPYder
Telugu Bullet Rating: 3.25 /5

Posted September 27, 2017 at 12:15

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