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NTR Gets Emotional

NTR Gets Emotional On Big Boss Stage

It is very usual to see people getting very much connected to the once with whom they spend the most. The same happens even in the tv shows and reality shows. speanding a lots of time with a person forms a bond between the people. It becomes very hard for everyone to leave once th show comes to an end. Along with participants it’s get difficult even for the host to leave the show. This moment makes everyone emotional. The same was notices even during the end of Telugu biggest reality show Big Boss. The show which is up with 70days of concept, came up with huge expectations. The expectations and anxiousness much more high knowing about NTR being the host of the show.

On the other hand there need not be any surprise saying, the show is a hit only because of NTR. Tarak has attracted his audience with his words and funny statements. But, during the end of the season NTR gets emotional on the grand finale. During the finale stage, we saw the AV of Shiva Balaji and Adarsh. At the sametime surprising NTR, Big Boss has played the av of tarak as well. The av includes all the fun of ntr teasing the particopants, making them laugh, sharing his thoughts with them, cooking for the participants and everything.

Seeing the video, NTR gets emotional on big boss stage but controls himself. Later BIg Boss says though Big Boss eyes and voice is his, the soul is NTR. It is really appreciable seing a host to get very much invlved in the show. We also find NTR wishing every contestant good luck and saying they can meet him whenever they wish to. Considering all these aspects we can conclude ntr as successful host in Big Boss season 1.

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