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HomelatestJanuary 9th, 1983 – The day that made every Telugu person proud!

January 9th, 1983 – The day that made every Telugu person proud!

SR NTR Takes Oath As CM On January 9th, 1983

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It is on the same day, exactly 35 years ago, Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao Garu, or just NTR, has taken oath as the Chief Minister of the united Andhra Pradesh.  The three letters NTR itself bring a smile on every Telugu person living on this earth. He is an inspiration to millions of Andhra people, who have placed him next to god in their hearts. His first speech as the Chief Minister of the state on this very day, 35 years ago, changed the way politicians interact with the common people.

Even after 2 decades of his demise, he is still remembered for his on-screen performance as a legendary actor, and off-screen as one of the best Chief Ministers of Andhra Pradesh. NTR was an instrumental at the national level politics, in forming the National Front, which was seen as an alternative to the Congress government.

He is the one commanded self-respect for every Telugite at the national level. He took the voice of millions of Telugites to the Indian Parliament with his party TDP. Just like his dressing style, and dialogue delivery soon became a fashion, his political speeches, his political attire, and his outspoken nature has set an ideal example of Telugu CM. for the people of Andhra Pradesh, in the history of Indian politics.

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