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Agnathavasi Brings “Mega and Nandamuri” Fans Close

Agnathavasi Brings “Mega and Nandamuri” Fans Close

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It isn’t an easy thing to get tickets of Agnathavasi on the first day. Pawan fans are in a dilemma that even though the advance bookings of Agnathavasi have started a week ago the tickets are sold out like hot cakes. Even the trade analysts are dazed to see the tickets disappearing within minutes.

It looks like, it doesn’t matter how many theatres are allotted, and the number is not matching to the craze of Agnathavasi. On the flip side, the Nandamuri fans have found out the easiest way. In some areas, the Balayya fans and Powerstar fans are having a deal. The Pawan fans are offering to get the tickets of Jai Simha on the first day if someone brings them the ticket of Agnathavasi. Even Balayya fans are not stepping behind and showing keen interest to watch Agnathavasi movie and the Power star fans are also taking it very sportively. Pawan fans are welcoming this move and getting tickets to Balayya fans as well.

Due to the high demand for Agnathavasi, neither Balayya fans nor Pawan fans are able to acquire enough tickets. In certain areas, Pawan fans are even sacrificing the tickets of Agnathavasi to Balayya fans. If the matter of the tickets is kept aside for a while, this exchange scheme is the proof of the changing trend in Tollywood.

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