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Google celebrates bday of Indian Noble Prize winner Har Gobind Khorana, the man who decoded Human Genetic Code

Google Doodle honors Har Gobind Khorana

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Today, the search engine giant ‘Google’ has designed its doodle after the great Indian scientist Har Gobind Khorana, who was awarded Noble Prize in Physiology or Medicine, for decoding the Human Genetic Code along with Robert W Holley and Marshall W Nirenberg.

Khorana was born in a small village, having a population of fewer than 100 residents, in Raipur on January 9th, 1922. He was one among the five children and the only one who was practically the only literate one in his whole family. With constant support in the form of scholarships and grants, Khorana completed graduated from Punjab University in Lahore with Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in 1943 and 1945 respectively. He completed his Ph.D. from University of Liverpool, the UK in 1948 after with the support of Indian government.

It was during Khorana’s time in the US, while he was working at the University of Wisconsin, Khorana and his team made the astonishing breakthrough that fetched the prestigious Nobel Prize in Medicine. Khorana’s team was able to decipher (decode) the human genetic code, and its function in protein synthesis. He is also known for the construction of the first artificial gene, which he got to function in a bacterial cell. Khorana opted for the US citizenship in 1966. He received servaralawards and accolades through out his life. Khorana is survived by his three children at the time of his death on November 9th, 2011.

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