Ex-ACP’s Special Theory On Sridevi’s Death: Calls It A Murder


Sridevi Death Like Planned Murder

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The sudden demise of Indian Film Industry’s one of the few iconic actresses ever, Sridevi left her fans in vain. However, many doubts regarding her death have been still in speculations. Now a retired ACP’s special theory on her death adds more fuel to these doubts.Sridevi died on 24th February of this year in Jeremiah Hotel in Dubai in her personal bathroom. Autopsy reports and Dubai Police confirmed that she died of over drowning in her bathtub and they found traces of alcohol in her blood. Even the Kapoor family declared that she died of drowning due to excess consumption of alcohol after a private party.

An ex-Assistant Commissioner of Police of Mumbai Police Department named Ved Bhushan who is running a private investigation agency now has declared that her death is a perfect pre-planned murder. Ved has his own reasons for his final verdict in this case as he stresses the fact that anyone could kill a person by pushing them into the bathtub until they die without any traces of them. Also, Ved states that when he was not satisfied with the autopsy report of Sri Devi, he himself went to the hotel to personally investigate in order to clear his doubts.

To his wonder, the Hotel management of Jeremiah didn’t allow him to enter Sri Devi’s suite and they asked him to leave the hotel.This Private investigator concludes that Dubai Police and Kapoor families are aware of this fact and they are intentionally hiding something from the people. Murder or suicide or unexpected death, we have lost Sridevi and it will be a perfect tribute to her if someone uncovers the actual facts behind her death.

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