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Homelatest66 AP Pilgrims En Route ‘Chardham Pilgrimage’ Stuck At Badrinath!  

66 AP Pilgrims En Route ‘Chardham Pilgrimage’ Stuck At Badrinath!  

Srikakulam Pilgrims Stuck In Chardham Yatra At Badrinath

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AP Pilgrims belonging to Vishakhapatnam and Srikakulam districts of Andhra Pradesh have been reportedly stuck at Badrinath. With the continuous snowfall in the northern parts of the country, the pilgrims were stuck in the lodge. With the weather department predicting an increase in snowfall and similar conditions for the next 3 days near Badrinath, the pilgrims are pleading for help from the government authorities. After their tourist bus got stuck in the snow, the pilgrims were limited to their rooms in the lodge.

104 members set off for the Chardham Pilgrimage tour in Tourist buses. Most of them are above 55 years, close sources confirmed. While 38 people made to safe places, the rest of the 66 members took shelter in a nearby lodge. 6 people belonged to Vishakhapatnam, while the rest of them are from Srikakulam.

TDP Parliamentary Party Office Secretary Naupada Satyanarayana is constantly in touch with the pilgrims who are waiting for the helping. He is advising them, and making sure that they are morally strong. The Centre has already deployed rescue teams to save the pilgrims.  

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