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HomelatestThis Swamy is a ‘Political Astrologer’

This Swamy is a ‘Political Astrologer’

Subramanian Swamy is a Political Astrologer

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After the death, Subramanian Swamy stated that only Sasikala and her family has the ability to run the AIADMK party after the death of Jayalalitha. Though BJP extended its support to Panneer Selvam, Subramanian Swamy stood by his word. Many politicians and political analysts though Subramanian Swamy as an ‘educated fool’. Little did they know the future.

Shocking, as Subramanian Swamy predicted, TTV Dinakaran, nephew of AIADMK chief Sasikala won the RK Nagar constituency By-poll elections that took place recently. This came as a shocker to all political analysts, political parties and political leaders, except to Subramanian Swamy.dinakaran

Swamy has been long saying that Sasikala and Dinakaran will go to any extent to come to power in Tamil Nadu. As expected, a recent video of Jayalalitha became viral. In the reported video, Jayalalitha was seen undergoing treatment in the Apollo Hospitals. Jayalalitha who was admitted to the hospital with Fever, passed away due to a sudden cardiac arrest, after being treated for 73 days.

Political analysts have expressed that the video was released to prove Sasikala and her family are no way related to the death of Jayalalitha.

TTV Dinakaran shocked everyone by winning the RK Nagar By-elections with 40,707 vote majority. He received 89,103 votes, 50.32% of the votes polled.

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