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HomelatestJanasena Ideologies | What path will Pawan Kalyan’s choose in politics?

Janasena Ideologies | What path will Pawan Kalyan’s choose in politics?

What path will Pawan Kalyan’s choose in politics

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The existence of a political party greatly depends on its core values and ideological approach. This is a well-known fact. Yet the opposition parties claiming to have the ideological strength and doctrine values are failing miserably. This is largely due to their failure in understanding the current societal needs and whether their doctrines and ideologies outfit the present society. Adhering to historical doctrines and changing them according to the current societal environment, Pawan Kalyan has come out with his Janasena Party’s doctrine and ideological approach.

  1. The idea of unification of castes
  2. Politics free of ‘religion’.
  3. Valuing and respecting languages
  4. A society that aims to protect our cultural and social values
  5. Propagating Nationalism and ignoring regionalism

It is unclear on how long Pawan Kalyan took to come up with these ideologies. Given his ambitions, aims and goals, the road ahead will be tough and dispiriting. It might take a decade, two decades or even three decades to reach the half-destination mark. There is hardly any scope for rejuvenation of our corrupted politics.

In the past, everyone anticipated ‘new politics’ with the launch of ‘Prajarajyam’ party [by Megastar Chiranjeevi]. Within few months it was clear where Prajarajyam was heading.

Only time can tell, what path would Pawan Kalyan choose to achieve his aims and goals and his ambition of rejuvenating the corrupt politics and green society.

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