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Subramaniapuram Movie Review & Rating – Telugu Bullet

Cast and Crew: Sumanth, Eesha Rebba, Naresh, Sai Kumar, Ali etc
Dialogues: Naga Muralidhar
Music: Sekhar Chandra
Cinematography: R.K Prathap
Story, Screenplay, and Direction: Santosh Jagarlapudi
Producer: B.Sudhakar Reddy

Brief Introduction:

Sumanth who has come into form with Malli Raava after a long time is going to enthral the audience with a thriller film Subramaniapuram. This is his 25th film in his career and the theatrical trailer has garnered decent expectations on the film. Though many people thought this film as a sequel to Nikhil’s superhit film Karthikeya the makers are pretty confident that they would enthral the audience with its engaging content. Eesha Rebba plays the love interest of Sumanth and Santosh Jagarlapudi is making his debut in Tollywood with this film. So let’s check out what’s the film is all about.

What is the story all about?

Sumanth plays the role of Karthik who is an atheist. His professional work is to do a research on ancient temples. Karthik falls in love with Priya who belongs to the village Subramanipauram where the people are traumatized by the series of suicides. There is also a speculation that the people who are died by committing the suicides have seen a peacock before their death. By this people believe strongly that its God’s wrath for their wrong deeds.

Karthik who doesn’t believe in God makes a challenge with people in the village that he will catch the person in 10 days who is responsible for the series of deaths in the village. What are the consequences Karthik has faced after that and is there any external force behind it? What is the root cause of those suicides and what did Karthik come to know at last is the main crux of the film which you have to see on big screen.

Artist’s Performances:

Sumanth in the role of Karthik is decent and he doesn’t have much to bring out his performance in such a thriller script. Eesha Rebba as a village girl is ok as her role is quite confined. Suresh role as Priya(Eesha’s) dad is pretty good. Rest of the characters have done their part as there is no much significance.


* The story plot is quite good and interesting

* BGM and RR is like an oxygen to the film


* Narration of the film

* Lack of engaging elements

* Poor production values

* The thrill element is completely missing in this film.

* No change in the pattern of suicides till the end tests the patience of the audience


Though this film has garnered interest initially, the director has failed to narrate the story in a much engaging and a thrilling way. For a film like this, the suspense factor plays a crucial role where the director has completely missed it. The main crux of the film is hardly thirty minutes and rest of the film follows the same pattern of suicides with lackluster narration and screenplay. Even the way the lead hero investigates the mystery behind the suicides test the patience of the audience. The film Karthikeya has been successful because of the gripping narration and suspense elements. We can easily understand that the climax has the reference of Karthikeya movie.

Verdict: Karthik-Subramaniapuram failed to create the magic of Karthikeya

Telugu Bullet Rating: 2.25 / 5

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