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‘Success of Railways would define the success of nation’: Piyush Goyal

Hyderabad, March 27 (Telugu Bullet)   Union Railway Minister Piyush Goyal on Friday said that in the future, the success of Indian Railways would define the success of the nation.

This was stated by Goyal while having a review meeting on Friday with the board members and general managers of zonal railways and divisional railway managers of divisions.

“The year was the most challenging year for Railways. One year of lockdown. Covid 19 has demonstrated the resolve of Railways to fight back and emerge stronger. The mindset of Railways has transformed. It’s no longer business as usual for Railways. Use of new technologies and innovation has created new standards and benchmarks,” Goyal said.

Goyal further said that it was time to rewrite the destiny and future of Railways which is self-sustaining, punctual, passenger-friendly safe, green, and first choice of businesses.

“1223 Metric Tonnes (MT) highest freight loading is a message of positivity to the nation. 5,900 km of electrification was done this year. It is the highest ever electrification achieved by Indian Railways,” the Minister said.

Goyal complimented the Railway officers and staff for making extraordinary efforts during the pandemic to increase loading. He also stressed safety measures to be adopted and directed Railway officials to take pro-active steps towards the same.

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