Monday, September 20, 2021
HomelatestTRS Succession War Part-2

TRS Succession War Part-2

Succession War Part 2 In TRS

Succession War Part 2 In TRS: In TRS, no doubt always Harish been with CM KCR. But suddenly Kavita, KTR dart at the moment time. Harish brought into cadre which much difficulty and made the party to the high level. The TRS leaders are Damm sure that CM KCR avoiding Harish and giving importance to his children. As the sources say that now in TRS a new succession war started.

After KCR became CM, there was a war held between KTR and Harish where KTR won. With strategies, CM KCR gave the position to his son by avoiding Harish. If questions arise he gave the excuse as KTR is working hard and GHMC elections. But he is avoiding Harish for all remaining elections who worked hard.

KTR may win over Harish but his sister Kavita is giving tough competition. As CM KCR likes Kavita more than KTR so he always encourages Kavita more. Kavita proved in Delhi as MP, now she is thinking to rule in Hyderabad as MLA. She is going to participate in Jagityala for next elections. So critics are saying if it happens KTR will face problems.

Chandrababu: Emperor Of Corruption

Hyderabad: Capital Of Drugs

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