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HomelatestKetchup Sachet cuts a woman's intestines!

Ketchup Sachet cuts a woman’s intestines!

Surgeons Find Ketchup packet Inside woman’s Bowel

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Shocking but not anymore, as this 41-year-old woman from Britain who was being diagnosed with a bowel disease after she complained of agonizing abdominal pain and bloating which lasted up to three days. Doctors supposed her condition to be ‘Chron’s’ disease for which there is treatment but no cure.

The woman did not show any sign of recovery to the treatment eventually the doctors decided to conduct a keyhole surgery which is the only option left in front of them. The procedure led to the detection of pieces of plastic packaging coming from a sachet of Heinz tomato ketchup piercing the woman’s intestine.

Can Ketchup sachet slice intestine

For Doctors, this was said to be one of the rare cases where the plastic packaging swallowed by a person impersonating symptoms of the serious ailment which affects at least 115000 people in the United Kingdom alone.

Medical science is finding answers to several diseases and is coming up with treatment for more, sometimes practitioners can go wrong in identifying the exact problem. While there are cases which are seemingly minor issues turning out to be major ailments have been also reported. However, there are also times when something simple is mistaken for a serious illness.

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