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Who Is Bringing Caste Into Film Industry? Bunny Vasu’s Double-Stands!  

Who Is Bringing Caste Into Film Industry? 

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After the bifurcation of the state, the Andhra Pradesh state government announced the prestigious Nandi Awards. Soon, producers and directors started cruising the state government, linking the Nandi Awards with Chowdary community, and TDP government’s prejudice.

Bunny Vasu Producer,

Bunny Vasu, who is close to Mega family, claimed that because the Mega family doesn’t belong to Chowdary caste, they were ignored in Nandi Awards. This sent shock waves through the Telugu film industry. Even the state government took back with the producer’s comments.But, once the social media got into the game, condemning Bunny Vasu, and shooting him with the sensible question, the producer reportedly went silent.

The same producer has now come out appreciating the AP State Government for its ‘special permission’ allowing the cinema theatres to carry out 7 shows for Pawan Kalyan’s upcoming film ‘Agnyaathavaasi’. The producer said, ‘this is a welcome change for the film industry. I really appreciate the govt. for this decision, and hope this continues’.

We would like to ask a small question on your behalf, is it because Pawan belongs to the Mega family, Bunny Vasu doesn’t have any problem? Pawan Kalyan belongs to Kapu community! Is the government lenient towards Kapu’s now?We are not trying to bring caste into the picture. We are only telling that, Bunny Vasu could have presented the same sense of responsibility and consideration during Nandi Awards too.

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