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HomelatestChamak: Rahul Gandhi in search of Temples & Hindu Missionaries! People’s Problems...

Chamak: Rahul Gandhi in search of Temples & Hindu Missionaries! People’s Problems nowhere to be seen!

Chamak: Rahul Gandhi in search of Temples & Hindu Missionaries! 

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The 2017 Gujarat Elections stood out as an example for both BJP and Congress. Despite winning the elections, BJP was seen as a failure, while Congress which lost the elections, was hailed for its moral victory over BJP. Given the ‘temple visiting’ mantra, which Rahul believes was responsible for his success in Gujarat, the new INC President is busy scouting for various temples and Hindu Missionaries where ever he goes.

Rahul Gandhi's Somnath temple visit

When we say, ‘Rahul believes his temple visits’ are responsible for his success, we don’t imply that, by visiting temples he was able to win (morally) in Gujarat. But indeed, his temple visits meant that INC (or Congress) is not against Hinduism. The Congress believes that the impression people had about the Congress party, pro to Christian community and ignoring Hindus, was responsible for their defeat in 2014 elections.

Hinduism is being turned more Islamic

Trying to clear away such accusations and impression on the party, Rahul Gandhi is ensuring that temple and Hindu missionary visits are a part of his schedule. BJP and Congress will go head-on once again in Karnataka, where there are large number Shaivites followers. Religion plays a vital role in Kannadigas daily life. Given this factor, Rahul is trying to visit all temples and Hindu Missionaries, with an aim to win over BJP, not only morally, but also seats-wise too.

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