Swami Paripoornananda To Kick Start His Campaign For BJP Soon

Swami Paripoornananda To Kick Start His Campaign

As the elections date is approaching all the political parties are gearing up their campaigns, participating in heated debates on tv channels and every party is utilizing it to the maximum in Telangana except BJP.We can hear the updates of every political party in Telangana from the last few days except the Saffron party. Even though it is not the hot favourite in the state, the party high command has some other plans regarding their political campaign. As per the closest sources from the BJP camp, it is known that the saffron party is preparing its star campaigner Swami Paripoornanda to address few public meetings.

heated debates on tv channels

The BJP is planning big on this campaign and is of the plans to make Swami Paripoornanda fly in a chopper for the coming 15 days. The leaders of BJP have approached the DG of civil aviation regarding this to seek permission. If everything goes as planned, Swami Paripoornanda will address at least three to four public meetings in the coming 15 days.Have to see what impact this star campaigner can make in the Telangana elections.


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