Can Paripoornananda Win With AP Tag In Telangana?


The Sree Petam Swami Paripoornanda almost shifted his base to Telangana and now he entered BJP officially, he is all set to contest in snap polls under BJP ticket. Senior analysts got their set of doubts regarding Swami’s win in Telangana with some valid reasons.BJP camp of Telangana is keen on utilizing the Hindutva craze of Swami to win a couple of seats. Likewise Swami Adityanath, BJP has thoughts to make Swami as a powerful leader in Telangana.

swami being an andhraite would face

Here comes the actual plot twist which shatters the dreams of T-BJP. Some senior leaders in BJP are stating that Swami being an Andhraite would face doll drums from the voters if he contests for any Assembly segment. However, the party is keen on giving Jubilee Hills ticket where the Andhra Settlers and rich are living.

Despite BJP’s trails to make Swami an MLA, parties like TRS which always uses the T-sentiment card would project Paripoornananda as Andhraite which eventually change the minds of voters. Now BJP is in a huge dilemma over Swamiji’s ticket. Despite all these odds, Swami is said to be readying everything to fight for the active Politics along with some of his ardent followers and disciples.


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