AICC Not Keen On Making Rahul For PM Runner

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The Congress Party is well determined to defeat the NDA Sarkar in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. For that, the party’s bigwigs are ready to sacrifice PM candidate if necessary. Recent comments of ex-Minister Chidambaram explains everything. Even an amateur in Politics can guess the AICC’s PM candidate would be its Chief Rahul Gandhi for many obvious reasons. But the ex-Union Finance Minister of UPA, Chidambaram declared that the party has not yet taken any call on PM candidate.

Rahul Gandhi making the PM Candidate

At the same time, he asked the senior leaders of the party not to talk about Rahul Gandhi making the PM Candidate from the party until the end of elections. According to Chidambaram, announcing Rahul for PM front-runner would irk the alliance partners of Congress like Mayawati, Mamata Banerjee, Sharad Pawar, Nitish Kumar etc. Also, Chidambaram wanted to take the interests of alliance parties like BSP, TMC, NCP, AAP, DMK, SP, JDS and TDP if necessary.

So the AICC is concentrating on elections

So the AICC is concentrating on elections as their primary target. After defeating BJP in Lok Sabha elections, the alliance can discuss and zero in PM candidate.Sources say even Rahul Gandhi is ok with this approach as he believes he could become PM later in his long career. Meanwhile, Congress is trying everything it can to increase the MP seats after hitting an all-time low in 2014.


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