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‘Massive’ surprise planned for Prabhas’ birthday?

On October 23, the pan-Indian superstar Prabhas will turn 44. On this special day, a number of surprises from the creators of all of...

Don’t believe any rumours about my movie with Prabhas: Director Maruthi

There have been rumours about Prabhas working with director Maruthi Dasari for months. The curiosity has increased since Maruthi offered a clarification on the...

Prabhas-starrer ‘Raja Deluxe’ under Maruthi’s direction is likely to kick off soon

Hyderabad, May 31 For months, rumors have circulated that Prabhas will collaborate with director Maruthi on a horror-comedy. The latest news is that the...


Meenakshi Chaudhary looks Very Sexy