Milky Beauty Turns Dusky Shade For Her Next Films


Whenever we look at Tamannah the first thing which grabs the attention of our eyeballs is definitely her skin tone. She is also called as a Milky Beauty for her fair skin and in fact, that is one of the prime reasons for this talented actress to grab the attention of the youth and the masses apart from the makers.Though she has an ample talent, Tamannah has got the much-needed recognition with her fair skin and later she also prover her mettle with her impeccable performance.


This milky beauty is going to turn dusky shade for her upcoming films. S.S Rajamouli has tried this for the first time in Baahubali-The Beginning and it has worked out.Now, for her upcoming films like Sye Raa and Devi 2 Tamannah will be seen sporting a dusky shade. As the dusky skin is the latest trend, Tamannah has undergone nearly 50 screen tests for adopting a dusky skin look. This talented is quite happy as the makers are welcoming her with this new look and as well as the challenging roles.


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