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HomelatestAP People Requesting Me To Enter The State Politics: KCR

AP People Requesting Me To Enter The State Politics: KCR

The second time Chief Minister of Telangana, KCR has given a mighty shock to all his opponents by registering a record win in the snap polls. In his victory speech, KCR fired bullets to his longtime rival Chandrababu Naidu by making some sensational revelations on AP.Talking to the Press, KCR stated that not only from Telangana but from the neighbourhood State of AP is also congratulating him on his success. He claimed that as many as one lakh messages from the AP people have poured into his mobile regarding the TRS win. Here, KCR went a step further and uttered that many people from AP are requesting him to enter the AP Politics to straighten out their problems as their local Politicians are worthless.

TRS set for two-third majority in Telangana

Looking at the way he leads Telangana in the past four and half years, AP people are impressed and are wanting the same party to extend their service to the bifurcated State. On this note, KCR reminded the people that CBN has indulged in the Telangana Politics for the sake of saving Telugu People. Now that the clear saviour has been chosen by the people, KCR declared that he will be saving the Telugu people in Andhra by entering the State’s Politics.Netizens and anti-fans of TDP are celebrating the success of TRS like never before. Many opine that TRS gave a befitting reply for the TDP and its head CBN with the results of snap polls. Needless to say, these results would show its impact on the AP elections next year.

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